Dalmia Refractories


DRL-OCL was struggling with improper sales organization structure and clear guidance for where to head (which markets to crack and how to crack them,) Fractional Column worked out a solution and introduced a refined organization structure, processes, Job Descriptions, KPI, and KRA’s.

DRL-OCL partnered with Fractional Column to accelerate growth in its functions such as sales and marketing processes, where we helped them refine and optimize their structures. Fractional Column thoroughly examined and validated the structures and the business in-charge was assisted with the roll-out of the restructure.

Customer Segmentation process was validated and changed by re-examining the Industry type, then the Customer Behavior, followed by geography, then Applications and finally, by assessing the capabilities.

Fractional Column took a deep dive and studied the existing Sales Processes including current workflows, Sales Structure, Customer Segmentation, Business Practices and also diagnosed the gaps in the system. These gaps were addressed by creating mechanisms and devising workflows for an effective and high performing Sales force. To meet DRL-OCL’s growth ambition, Fractional Column has designed and rolled out a new sales management process. We are also trying to integrate their Enquiry Management System with their ERP system to efficiently monitor their enquiries.