Seepra Refrigeration

As consultants, Fractional Column has helped in building brand identity by creating marketing collaterals such as logo, brochures and website for their new product “Cold n Hold- A Walk-in Cold Chamber with Powerless Temperature Backup”. Cold n Hold has a national patent to its name and an international patent is in-line. This is a product that has to potential to revolutionize the Cold Chain Industry in India.

Fractional Column has developed a GTM Strategy, a separate Organization Structure for Cold n Hold and created a sustainable business model for it. An Innovative product requires unique solutions: Through extensive research, conducting numerous interviews of industry experts, product trails and technical experiments, the right market for “Cold n Hold” was identified. The hard work has already started paying off; “Cold n Hold” has won a Special Jury Award at “Emerson Cup 2016” in the emerging cities category as a cold chain product of the year.