Go-To-Market StrategyHelping Businesses reach their Target Audience


A go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy) is an action plan that defines how a company will reach its customers and achieve competitive advantage. The purpose of a GTM strategy is to provide a blueprint for delivering a product or service to the end customer, taking into account factors such as pricing, distribution and current market conditions.

At Fractional Column, we’ve devised a unified approach to define unique GTM strategies for our clients. Typically, as a first step, our research associates run a research program to identify and define the target market for a particular product or service. Next, our experienced business analysts would sit with you and discuss the product or service to be offered and its particular business benefit for the intended customers. With the value proposition defined, we help you determine a pricing strategy. In addition, Fractional Column helps you address marketing and promotion. In a nutshell, we at Fractional Column help you devise an effective GTM strategy that typically sketches out what distribution and marketing channels will be used to reach your target market through:

  • Market research
  • Product & Category Management
  • Organizational Design &
  • Channel Management