India Market EntryHelping businesses enter the Indian market


Companies that are headquartered outside of the India, find it challenging to penetrate the India market. The Indian market is large, challenging, and mostly untapped that has attracted businesses around the world.

The rewards of a successful India presence can potentially boost the overall business of your company. In addition, establishing and maintaining market share in India can play an important role in maintaining competitive advantage and market share in your home market.

Business success in the India relies on three factors: a strong product, a comprehensive market entry strategy and a strong distribution and sales network. Unfortunately, many companies have failed in their attempt to enter the India market. In most cases, these companies fail because they lack a clear market entry plan and lack experience in the India market.

We at Fractional Column help you with:

  • Assessing market attractiveness.
  • Assisting with Statutory Compliances.
  • Plan your market entry, product launch, sales and customer support strategies.
  • Provide assistance for hiring human capital.
  • Provide assistance in establishing and managing sales channels.
  • Provide you with lead generation strategies, manage relationships, and support marketing activities.

Above all, we open the gateway to a great business opportunity and engaging partnerships.