Sales ManagementHelping businesses sell their products

Sales management is the art of bringing together the people and the resources to effectively sell your products and to achieve a desired sales goal.

These long term goals include increasing sales volume, contributing to the sales pipeline, and continuing to focus on growing revenue. To achieve these objectives, sales managers have vast responsibilities including, but not limited to: demand/sales forecasting, establishing quotas/objectives, budgeting, organization, recruitment, training, compensation, and sales performance evaluation.

How we do it

At Fractional Column, we help you achieve your sales objectives by:

  • Crafting a well-articulated Management Information System to measure the sales force effectiveness by mapping lead generation and by tracking & forecasting accuracy of the sales force.
  • Leveraging Fractional Column’s strategic and analytical expertise to deliver valuable insights from heaps of data that enables companies to introduce new sales and marketing strategies.
  • Building Performance Management Processes such as KRA Design, Review & Appraisal Mechanisms.
  • Creating a Compensation & Incentive Design which would include skill mapping with respect to roles and responsibilities.
  • Conducting Training and Development Programs and creating a Book of Knowledge and Training Manuals.