Strategy FrameworkHelping businesses set their goals


Every successful business has clearly set and articulated goals to attain specific objectives. Yet, in the world of small business, many businesses lack a focused goal.

At Fractional Column, we have introduced a framework in which mission, goals and objectives of an organization can be categorized into 3 broad areas.

  • Short-Term Tactical Framework (STTF)
  • Long-Term Strategic Framework (LTSF) and
  • Business Excellence

A STTF should be aligned with the vision of the company and needs to be a subset of long-term strategy. For a short term strategy, it is important that one aims for low handling fruits and obtain results that have immediate benefits for the company. We at Fractional Column implement STTF with a systematic approach towards refining the current state of the processes and make changes that are deft, agile and incremental in nature.

For LTSF, the mission should be aspirational, intuitive in nature and must be indicative of the future trends. In the long term, a company must be able to rethink their current model. Fractional Column ensures that directional changes are well thought of and are carefully executed.

If the mission of a company is achieving excellence, then it must keep in mind that it must lead the way in the industry in which it serves. Constant innovation is the key towards achieving excellence, be in it Quality, Price or Service. To achieve excellence Fractional Column ensures that organization is committed towards employee training & development and also towards delighting customers and making sure that they are 100% satisfied.


At Fractional Column, we believe that the core value of a company should be non-negotiable, ethical and inclusive for company, customers, employees and society at large.