You need to read this before investing in a brand new B2B website.

So you think that your company needs a new website. You think your site looks ugly, doesn’t get much traffic, fails on the lead generation front, lacks professionalism and doesn’t resonate with your target audience. In other words, things are broken and a brand new website (you think) is the solution.

You may be right about your assumptions, but don’t jump on the costly conclusion yet. Consider the following options which will help you with getting more mileage out of your website and most importantly generate more leads and sales.

Ask ‘Why?’ Till You Find The Clear Objective.

It is important to clearly understand ‘why’ you need a new website. Is it that you feel your website lacks professionalism or is it that the traffic is low or you are unable to generate leads through you website. A clear definition of the problem is imperative before proceeding on making a costly purchase. Start systematically and you will arrive at the root cause,

For example:

We Need a New Website


There is no traffic on the current website


The current website fails to generate leads


Customers are unable to know more about the product


No Digital Material made available on the website (blogs, catalogs, brochures)

Sometimes it makes sense to ask why till you find the root cause and you arrive at the main problem. More often than not, the solution is usually simple (and economical).

Making Your Presence Felt.

In Todays’ day and age it is easy for your website to get lost in the sea of competition. SEO is generally the easy way out of this problem. However, an updated and an active blog on relevant topics within your domain can do wonders for your website. Publishing white papers on hot industry trends is also a great way of making your presence felt and ensure that you stand-out from your competition. Think of a keyword strategy that will attract new users via the search engine. The more content you add to your website, the more chances are that prospective clients find you via the search engine. Think of it like fishing, the more lines you have, the better chances you have of catching a fish.

Introspection is the Key

You are planning to build a new website since you current website is not generating sufficient leads. Hold on for a moment and think! Do you have a relevant enquiry form that prospective clients could fill or request for a bid? Are you asking the right questions or are they too complex? Do you have downloadable content in exchange for an e-mail ID? Are your landing pages in disarray?

There can be multiple factors at play, all of which could determine the lead generation capabilities of your website. These factors can easily be managed and the whole process is economical than a website rebuild. So you say “Well, that’s all good, but I need sales”. For that you need to be aggressive enough and work towards nurturing customers by having an email strategy in place instead of just a routine phone call.

“I agree on all your points but I still feel I need a new website”

Suppose you run a coffee shop on a nearby street and you want to increase footfall. You can either redesign your store or build a marketing plan to attract traffic off that busy street. Better still, you could do both by seeking a good Management Consultant. It’s better to seek professional help from someone like Fractional Column Business Refinery Pvt. Ltd. who can distil your ideas and provide workable solutions. Fractional Column has guided numerous clients in their Marketing Endeavour and created Websites for clients from scratch to suit their way of doing business. We assure you that you’ll start getting results for a lesser amount of money than you had originally planned.


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